Luxury Retail

Luxury retail stores are designed to create an environment that provides the discerning client with a highly tailored and positive customer experience.

Carefully curated and luxurious spaces, incorporating company branding elements, are developed to reinforce brand identity and build customer loyalty.  Specialised finishes, high quality furniture pieces and considered customised lighting result in a luxurious and comfortable environment which enhances the overall shopping experience.

Meticulous attention to detail and, quality craftsmanship in production, results in a luxury fitout which facilitates the showcasing of the luxury retail products.  The same design and manufacture principles are incorporated in exclusive stand alone boutiques, as they are in retail spaces within high end department stores and airport duty free outlets.

Dracakis Jewellers
Nader Jewellers
Canturi Jewels
Gregory Jewellers
Arman’s Fine Jewellery
Fairfax & Roberts
Watch Brands

From concept to reality